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The Simply Music Foundation Program

From the very beginning, this innovative system has you playing a huge variety of music including composing, improvising, arranging, playing accompaniment, classical, blues and jazz, understanding and reading music, all done through the lens of Simply Music’s unique, “playing-based” approach. 

Simply Music Piano is very effectively delivered in the shared lesson format. Lessons vary from 30 to 50 minutes and range from two to six students matched according to their age and skill level. 

  • LEARN MORE in just six months than if you had taken 2 to 3 years of a Traditional Reading Based program.
  • READING MUSIC is TEMPORARILY delayed while students develop a strong foundation of playing and a huge repertoire of music.  When students go on to learn how to read music it is easy and fun, because they now know how to play.

THINK ABOUT THIS… we all got to speak for YEARS before ever having a spelling lesson, In FACT, if we used the method that music has used for over two centuries now and applied it to language, we would say…”FROM NOW ON, all toddlers must learn to read and spell as a means of learning how to SPEAK!” Well, that is just preposterous and illogical. Yet that has been the approach music teachers have used for over 300 years.

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